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SnakeGrid is a way of developing low-distortion coordinate systems for large engineering projects.

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SnakeGrid PointWise

SnakeGrid PointWise is the basic tool for converting coordinate sets between ellipsoidal (latitude and longitude) systems and SnakeGrid Eastings and Northings. Input/Output is in a variety of pre-set formats and the required SnakeGrid parameter file is loaded up by the user. The formats supported include different variations on decimal or degrees/minutes/seconds, and versions with or

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SnakeGrid Transformer

SnakeGrid Transformer is a MicroStation ™ add-on that converts data between several different coordinate systems, including any required SnakeGrid as well as others such as the London Survey Grid, Ordnance Survey National Grid, and some local engineering site grids. Files are converted from one grid to another in a few seconds with a single button

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Featured case studies

Trans Pennine System

The Northern Hub is a rail project across Northern England that aims to increase train services and reduce journey times between the major cities and towns by electrifying lines and removing a major rail bottleneck in Manchester.

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Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed

AECOM, in collaboration with BAM and CH2MHILL and working under the CP5 SNE SI/GI Framework, are to provide advance Ground Investigation, Site Investigation (GI/SI) and survey work at Dunbar, East Linton and Reston on the East Coast Mainline (ECM8).

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