SnakeGrid for your project

To request a new SnakeGrid and get a price

To request a SnakeGrid parameter file for use on your project, please get in touch with us with details of the project for which you require a SnakeGrid parameter file. This could be a verbal description (e.g. “rail route from A to B”) or it might be accompanied by a simple map. Include in this

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Next step – detailed information

The next stage will be to send us a coordinate description of the route of the project. This is referred to as a set of “seed points” and simply means selected points along the route, spaced at about 0.5 – 2 kilometres, with three dimensional coordinates (latitude, longitude and height) in the WGS84 system or

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Check list: requesting a new SnakeGrid

So we need: A set of seed points, with coordinates in plan and height, in a specified datum, accurate to about 10 m in plan and 10 m in height (but this accuracy is not critical if you don’t yet have precise coordinates for the route). A chosen name for the grid, up to 16

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Using an existing SnakeGrid

If you’re new to a project but you think there might already be a SnakeGrid in existence, then you’ll need to get hold of the parameter file. This might be owned by your client, for example, and they can give you a copy. If you’re not sure where to start, then contact us and we’ll

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