Using an existing SnakeGrid

If you’re new to a project but you think there might already be a SnakeGrid in existence, then you’ll need to get hold of the parameter file. This might be owned by your client, for example, and they can give you a copy.

If you’re not sure where to start, then contact us and we’ll try and help. We don’t usually give out a parameter file commissioned by others, in case the client wants to keep it to itself, but we can usually point you in the right direction.

It may be that you’ve come across a project with an old version 3 SnakeGrid, in which case you’ll need to contact us about commissioning an ASA parameter file to replace it.

Or you might be using two SnakeGrids merged at a point but need a single parameter file to use in software packages. Again, you’ll need to commission an ASA file, so contact us.

Otherwise, if you’ve got a SnakeGrid parameter file but need the software to use it, look at our software page to see what’s available and a list of the equipment manufacturers who can incorporate SnakeGrid in their systems.

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